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GW2 Warrior – Basic Guide

time 2017-03-23 15:00

GW2 warriors are close combat soldiers with good offense and defense. Adrenaline is a unique resource that allows the warrior to unleash devastating abilities. When warriors strike their enemy, they generate adrenaline. It is then spent to cast powerful abilities. The ability changes depending on the weapon set that is currently used but it will always be a burst damage attack. This attack is boosted with conditions that also cost adrenaline. As adrenaline is generated, it goes through three different stages. Each stage adds more damage to the burst ability and allows players to gain various buffs. A warrior equips heavy armor that improves defense. Because of the adrenaline mechanic and heavy armor, warriors are meant to be an endurance class that doesn't need to worry about long fights. Heavy armor permits the warrior to sustain large amounts of damage. The longer the fight, the more adrenaline is generated. When warriors unlock level three adrenaline abilities, they are able to empower themselves and finish the enemy with powerful attacks. 
Warriors have access to lots of GW2 Items so they can use different burst damage abilities. Axes, swords and maces are the main hand options. War horn, torch, shield and the three main hand weapons can be equipped in off hand. GW2 warriors can also use two handed weapons such as greatswords, rifles, hammers and longbows. Three skill types are available. Stance allows the warrior to become more damage resistant or to boost offensive abilities. Banners are similar to party buffs as they affect allies. The six specializations provide different ways to customize a warrior's play style. Strength specialization works with greatswords and axes. Arms specialization improves critical damage and bleed attacks when fighting with a sword or dual wielding. Defense is for warriors who want to become more resistant to damage. Tactics skills provide party support. Discipline allows warriors to improve adrenaline gain and provides benefits for hammers and rifles. Berserker is the elite specialization. GW2 warriors are best suited for players who enjoy melee combat and want to build a strong character with less GW2 Gold buying from online store.  

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