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BnS – Secrets of the Stratus New Expansion Unveiled

time 2017-04-04 15:00

BnS's second expansion called Secrets of the Stratus comes with tons of additions and improvements. Besides content, the expansion also brings quality of life modifications. The main story is continued with a new act. Act 7 unlocks a new area within Stratus Empire. Players will set foot inside Gunwon City in pursuit of Jinsoyun's kidnappers. Heroes will be aided by new characters such as Ku Yang the Blade Master and Chol Mugo. The second is an admiral in the Blackram South Fleet. New main and side quests advance the story and help players gain XP and rewards at a faster rate. Secrets of the Stratus offers a new service for players who want to skip the leveling process and jump right into end game activities. If you want to get desired level fast, buy BNS Power Leveling service is a good choice. Players using this service will create level 50 characters. There is no need to worry about gear as these boosted characters come equipped with everything that's needed to tackle level 50 content. 
One of the biggest updates is the new skill tree. BnS players will now be able to customize their characters in an easier manner. They will notice that abilities have a new system instead of the old points and skill trees. A new training room allows players to improve their combat technique. The Hongmoon Training Room is the place to hone skills, to perfect combos and to check out damage against high level enemies. The expansion increases the level cap for Hongmoon Levels. Players will now be able to achieve level 20 Hongmoon. The Celestial Basin is a new zone for questing and adventuring. There are plenty of things to do here. Players receive Heavenly Peaches that are used to buy special items. Naryu Sanctum opens its gates once again to all who are prepared for the challenge. Mushin's Tower is a single player instance. Players must complete 20 levels to finish the Tower of Trials. Each level or floor has a different boss to defeat. The new BnS expansion is available for free to all players; in the mean time, cheap BNS Gold are available at u7buy for you too! 

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