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How to Use the Wardrobe Feature in BnS

time 2017-04-29 15:00

BnS wardrobe is available to all players with an active premium membership. The feature unlocks a storage place for players outfits and accessories. Outfits are the equivalent of cosmetic armor from other MMORPGs. Players wont see a stats increase or other bonuses while wearing an outfit. This is a purely cosmetic feature that allows players to customize only their looks. However, BnS outfits serve a purpose. By wearing them, players gain bonuses from the Soul Shield system so taking off an outfit means losing the Soul Shield boost. 
There are two types of BnS outfits: PvE and PvP. Putting on a faction outfit enables players to attack and be attacked by members of the enemy factions. There are numerous outfits that can be collected and storing them all might become troublesome. The wardrobe comes in as a handy feature. There are two ways of accessing the wardrobe system. Players can navigate through the menu to find the wardrobe option or simply press the F3 key. The wardrobe organizes outfits in two ways: by category and type. There are nine categories that organize outfits depending on how they were obtained.
Most outfits are associated with different game zones such as Viridian Coast or Silverfrost Mountains. There are also special event outfits, festival outfits and some that are obtained with transmute. When organized by type, the wardrobe shows not only outfits but also accessories. Players are able to browse items depending on how they are equipped. Besides outfits, there are also head ornaments, face accessories and general items. Another use of the wardrobe system is that players can easily check out outfits that they dont currently have and outfits that are not yet available. A preview option allows players to try them on. How the item can be obtained is another useful piece of information provided by the wardrobe system. At last, cheap BNS Gold will help you a lot when playing Bns, while BNS Power Leveling will help reach the desired level fast and safe, have fun in game.  

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