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Celebrate the Celestial Festival in BnS

time 2017-05-09 15:00

Celestial Basin is one of the new BnS content additions brought by Secrets of the Stratus expansion. The area is regarded as high level content for at least level 50 characters. Celestial Festival is a celebration during which players obtain extra rewards when they complete content in the Celestial Basin. This event is a long one. It starts on the third of May and ends mid June. Players that take down bosses and other rivals in the Celestial Basin will acquire chests throughout the event. The trick is that chests are locked and a special key is needed to discover what's inside them. 
Keys to open the chests can be acquired in three ways. The daily challenge will reward players with keys. They also are obtained

as drops from bosses that roam the Celestial Basin but the drop rate is pretty low. Those who don't want to farm for keys or want to get some more, can get them as premium items from the Hongmoon Store. A chest may contain various items such as Lunar Twilight Flowers, materials that are used for upgrades and charms that are used for XP and Heavenly Fruits. Players also have the chance to acquire these fruits if they complete a weekly Dawn of Khanda Vihar quest. The fruits are the most sought rewards because they can be used as BNS Gold for as long as the event is active. Heavenly Fruits help players obtain Flawless Brilliant Hongmoon Heptagonal Amethysts. This item can be transformed into a Sparkling one using transmutation, gold and more fruits. Evolution Stones, an upgrading material, are among the items that can be purchased with fruits. Other rewards include Xanos Discs and forging orbs. There is also a costume set that can be obtained, the Fresh Take outfit. 
Players are given the chance to get more Celestial Peaches if they play during peak hours. During the week, 10% more peaches are obtained between 17:00 and 19:00 and in the weekend the bonus is increased to 20% during 14:00 and 18:00 server time. At last if you want to reach lvl 50 fast, buy BNS Power Leveling service from u7buy will satisfy your desire.

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