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World of Warcraft – Basic Druid Guide

time 2017-05-13 15:00

Druids are the only World of Warcraft class that can perform as a tank, healer, melee damage dealer and caster damage dealer. Druids have the unique ability to shapeshift as they change into another form to perform a different role. Forms are unlocked while World of Warcraft leveling. No matter of the selected role, Druids will always wear leather armor with agility. The most important secondary stats and weapons vary depending on selected role. 
Guardian is the Druid tank specialization. The unique mechanic for this class will allow players to transform into a bear. As the moment, Druids are one of the best World of Warcraft tanks. They can resist physical and magical damage. A generous health pool makes them extremely resilient. The most important secondary attributes for a Druid tank are versatility and mastery. Whether it's one boss or multiple monsters, Druids can handle any type of raid and dungeon encounter. 
Restoration is the Druid specialization that allows this class to perform as a healer. Compared to other World of Warcraft healing classes that have instant healing spells, Druids restore health using healing over time abilities. This is why in a raid setup, Druids will mostly focus the tanks and leave raid healing to other classes. Despite this inconvenience, Restoration Druids perform well in heroic dungeons and mythics where the amount of damage is not as high as in raids. While Restoration is active, Druids take the form of trees. 
Feral transforms Druids into a cat that specializes in melee damage. Feral Druids are great damage dealers when it comes to single target damage. They use bleed over time abilities that deal lots of damage. AOE damage is decent as well. 
Balance is the Druid ranged DPS specialization. The form associated with this role is Moonkin. In the current patch, Moonkins are very capable damage dealers. They do well in single target encounters and also when they have to damage multiple enemies at a time with AOE spells. Balance Druids can place damage over time spells on multiple targets. They also have spells that are instantly cast so they can change location as many times as needed to keep themselves alive. The only disadvantage is that AOE damage takes a while to unleash its full potential. Now, its time to start your journey in World of Warcraft, before that buy WOW Gold cheap from u7buy and prepare the best gears for your character! 

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