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World of Warcraft Monk – What You Need to Know About Monk Specializations

time 2017-05-25 15:00

Windwalker is the specialization for World of Warcraft Monk damage dealer. Monks do melee damage using a combination of abilities that consume energy and chi. In Legion, Monks are considered great DPS as they are able to do plenty of damage to multiple targets and their single target damage is also pretty high. The DPS rotation for Windwalker is not hard to master so Monks are a good class for new players. Monks' performance in raids is similar to other melee classes. In dungeons, including heroic and mythic+, Monks are one of the best DPS classes as their good AOE damage is of great help. 
Brewmaster is the Monk specialization for tanking. Monks equip leather armor that doesn't do much in terms of protection. They don't use shield either. Monks have a unique way to deal with damage. They have an ability called Stagger that transforms a part of the taken damage in damage over time allowing the Monk to survive while receiving support from healers. In World of Warcraft Legion, Monks are considered one of the best tanking classes. They can easily survive powerful burst attacks, have plenty of cooldowns and also do good damage. Monk tanks perform well in both dungeons and raids. Their only disadvantage occurs when dealing with sustained damage but, with the help of a good healer, Monks will have no problem staying alive.  
Mistweaver is the Monk specialization for healing. In the current patch, 7.2, Mistweavers are a popular choice for healers as they can successfully perform as a tank healer or as a raid healer. Players need to choose different talents to fulfill one of the above roles. It's also possible to be a tank and a raid healer at the same time but players have to carefully manage their mana. Enveloping Mist is the healing spell used for single target. It provides healing over time and increases received healing. Essence Font is used to heal six nearby party members. Monk healers use intellect as main stat while the other two specializations are based on agility.
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