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How to Defeat Odyn in Trial of Valor on Mythic Difficulty in World of Warcraft

time 2017-05-31 15:00

Trial of Valor on Mythic difficulty is a challenging raid. Players will have to first defeat Odyn to get to the other two bosses. The Odyn fight on Mythic doesn't have too many new mechanics compared to normal or heroic. It's a relatively easy fight for skilled and prepared players. Two tanks and four or five healers are needed for the encounter. The optimal raid composition will have the same number of melee and ranged damage dealers. 
In phase one, players deal with Odyn's adds, Hymdall and Hyrja. They must be tanked at a certain distance from each other else they don't take damage. They must also be brought to 25% health at about the same time else they restore HP to 50%. Melee DPS will take Hyrja and ranged will be assigned to Hymdall so they can easily avoid his AOE damage. Players must stack and share damage when Hyrja casts her ability. The way Runebearer adds work is what's different about this phase. Players marked with a rune must stand atop the same rune on the floor and kill the add fast. When the add dies he will mark other players with runes. All players will eventually get a rune mark. They must hurry to stand on the corresponding rune on the ground to get the buff that will shield them from Odyn's heavy AOE attack. 
In phase two, Odyn joins the fight. He will call either Hymdall or Hyrja to help him. When one of them spawns, players must immediately switch and damage them to 85% HP to make them withdraw from the battle. Runebearer adds will be dealt with just like in phase one. Players must avoid as much damage as they can, especially the fire balls. 
In phase three, players fight only against Odyn. The room will become smaller, tanks must position Odyn in the safe areas. Players marked with the lightning debuff should drop the tornadoes along the walls as far away from other players as possible. The difference from normal and heroic is that all players are now marked with a rune. After a few seconds, the rune explodes dealing lots of damage to players marked with another rune. Players will form groups based on their rune. The fight continues until Odyn admits defeat.  
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