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Best NBA Live Mobile Players Between 90-95 OVR

time 2017-06-14 15:00

Larry Bird '88 is a 95 OVR player. His position is small forward and he can be used in a shooting lineup. Some of his best stats are 93 3 pointer, 79 shooting and 85 passing. He is obtained from the Legends sets. Russel Westbrook, 95 OVR, is obtained from the Master set. This card is used as a point guard position in a defensive lineup. Westbrook comes with 82 defense, 90 shooting, 94 speed, 85 3 pointer, 88 dribbling and 84 passing. 
Kevin Durant, obtained from the Mobile Madness program, is one of the best 94 OVR cards. He plays as a power forward in a big man lineup. Another valuable 94 OVR card is LeBron James. His position is small forward and he is used in a shooting lineup. This card comes from Team of the Week. 
Andre Drummond is a 93 OVR center position player who fits the requirements for a small ball lineup. He is obtained from LvL (league versus league). His stats are 70 speed, 43 3 pointer, 93 defense, 40 dribbling, 79 shooting and 52 passing. Isaiah Thomas from the Playoffs program is a 93 OVR card for a small ball lineup. His position is point guard. 
Scottie Pippen '94 from the Legends set is one great card with 92 OVR. Pippen is a small forward that can play in a two way lineup. Some of his stats are 88 passing, 72 3 pointer and 89 shooting. Carmelo Anthony from the NBA Global Series is a 92 OVR card that plays as small forward in a shooting lineup. 
Dikembe Mutombo is a 91 OVR card. His position is center and he fits in a two way lineup. He is obtained from Playoffs Moments. There are four versions of the Will Barton 91 OVR player card. His position is shooting guard and he can be used in different lineups. The card is obtained from Rising Stars set. 
Mark Price '93 with 90 OVR is obtained from Legends sets. This card's position is point guard and it's used for a shooting lineup. Another good 90 OVR card is Kyrie Irving from Team of the Week. His position is also point guard and he is used for a big man lineup. 
So here are the players between 90-95 and over we introduce to you. Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins from u7buy if you want to get these plaeyrs for your team.  

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