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6 Tips To Be Better In FUT 17 (Part 2)

time 2017-06-16 15:00

We continue with these tips to be better in FUT 17. We have thought of dividing this guide into two parts with 3 tips each, so that you put into practice 3 tips in each game session.
Before we begin, we recommend that you practice all the tips as much as you can, because as you may know, the practice is done by the teacher. Let's start!
Use the sliders
Many people go unnoticed, but it is something that can help too. When you are offline, you can occupy the sliders to speed up or slow down the gameplay as much as you want. This can help you get accustomed to the pace of the game.
Snipe FUT cards
Yes, we know, this is something you would not like to do and neither will we, but it is a very good way to progress; and do not worry about doing it, you're among friends. Watch those FUT auctions and go snipe the players.
Watch your opponent when you play online
 If you have followed closely our guides and tips, you know that we always recommend to study the opponent thoroughly. It is somewhat similar to studying the movements and sequences of a boss in Dark Souls or Destiny. You have to examine your weaknesses and strengths, so that you know when to attack and when to defend yourself. Do not ignore the passes or the dribbles ... all movement is important.
Form a varied team and have very good reinforcements
Yes, we all want to have Bale, Messi and Ronaldo in our team, as they are the best in the world, but to win a game you need a varied team and not just great scorers. You need to have skillful players across the field, so they can attack, defend and move the ball across all areas.
Here are the first three tips for you to play better in FUT 17. More tips come next time and cheap FUT 17 Coins are on sale for xbox one, ps4 and pc now. FUT 17 Account is an easy and fast way to get the coins you need, but remember to use fut coins as soon as possible after received them.  

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