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Unsure What BnS Race To Try Next? Check Out The Gon

time 2017-06-19 13:00

The racial choice in BnS is pretty important as it can dictate the character's gender and class selection. Gon, one of the four available classes, allows the players to create both male and female characters. The four classes that can be played by a Gon character are destroyer, soul fighter, Kung Fu master and force master. It's important to note that Gon is the only race for which the destroyer class is available. The destroyer is a support type class. Kung Fu masters are tanks. Force masters are damage dealers specialized in area of effect damage. Soul fighters are another support class that deals with healing and regeneration. Players that wish to try one of these three last classes have other race choices besides the Gon. The destroyer is the only Gon locked class. Apart from the class choice, players are free to choose whichever race they like. Here are a few more details about the Gon for players who like to role-play or for those who value lore. 
It's unsure how Gon members came into existence but their legends tell about Gon originating from dragon's breath. Members of this race take the legend seriously as they are very proud people. The race also prides itself with their combat abilities. They are extremely fit, powerful and have great fighting skills. Training is an important part of a Gon's life. They don't stop once they've reached a certain level, they like to push their powers to the limits and to take their strength one step further. Although they are strong, Gons act patient and calm and strive to overcome their short temper. Once angered, Gon members turn into pure rage just like a dragon's breath. At the same time, Gon members are also friendly and ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who might need it. Unfortunately, there are some who take advantage of their good nature. Gons are loyal friends. Male Gons look strong and powerful while the females look unusually fragile, however, they possess the same combat prowess and skills. 
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