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Best NBA Live Mobile Point Guard Players

time 2017-06-23 15:00

Steph Curry is one of the four NBA Live Mobile basketball players with 99 OVR that fulfill a point guard position. His stats are 94 speed, 97 3 pointer, 79 defense, 97 dribbling, 87 shooting and 94 passing. This card is used in a two way lineup. Another good NBA Live Mobile point guard card with 99 OVR is Kyrie Irving. His stats are 95 speed, 95 3 pointer, 75 defense, 99 dribbling, 91 shooting and 96 passing. The lineup that allows this card is big man. Another version of the Steph Curry card is also one of the best NBA Live Mobile point guards. Both cards have similar stats but the second version is used for a small ball lineup. Gary Payton '96 is the fourth NBA Live Mobile 99 OVR point guard card. His stats are 94 speed, 84 3 pointer, 96 defense, 96 dribbling, 76 shooting and 98 passing. The card is used in a defensive lineup. All these four cards are part of the NBA Finals set. 
Players that have not yet completed NBA Finals set to get one or all the players listed above don't need to worry as there are plenty of other good point guard cards in the 99-95 OVR range. Isiah Thomas '89 is a 98 OVR card with 96 speed, 80 3 pointer, 80 defense, 97 dribbling, 74 shooting and 96 passing. The card is used for a defensive lineup and it's part of the Greatest of all Time program. Another good point guard card is LeBron James. His OVR is 97 and his stats are 89 speed, 83 3 pointer, 88 defense, 89 dribbling, 93 shooting and 93 passing. This card is from the Throwbacks set. Magic Johnson from the Set Legends is one of the best 96 OVR point guard cards that can be used in a defensive lineup. Here are the card's stats: 88 speed, 70 3 pointer, 82 defense, 96 dribbling, 84 shooting and 95 passing. Russell Westbrook from the Master program is a 95 OVR point guard that can be used in a big man lineup. 
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