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How to Complete Sastasha Dungeon in FF14

time 2017-07-04 15:00

Sastasha provides FF14 players with their first dungeon experience. The dungeon is unlocked at level 15 which you could reach in few hours with FF14 Power Leveling service; just after players complete the Its Probably Pirates quest from the main scenario. Along with this dungeon, players will also unlock the duty finder for dungeons. Being the first dungeon, Sastasha has simple mechanics but there are a couple of things to know for a successful run. There are five objectives to complete in this dungeon. 
At the beginning of the dungeon, players will notice a clickable object called bloody memo. Interacting with it will show a message that contains the name of a color. Players should remember it. As the group progresses into Sastasha, they will reach a chamber with three corals of different colors. To complete the first objective, players must click the coral with the same color as in the memo. Clicking the wrong color coral will spawn mobs or debuff players but they will eventually complete the objective this way too. When the right coral is clicked, another clickable object appears. This will summon Chopper, the first boss. Players just have to move out of its AOE ability, its range will be shown by a red circle on the ground. As soon as Chopper dies, players complete the second objective and move on. 
After a few more mob packs, players will encounter Captain Madison. This second boss is assisted by two adds. Players can focus the boss or kill the adds first. When Captain Madison reaches 50% HP he runs away, the encounter ends and the third objective is marked as completed. The next mob drops a key. Players complete the fourth objective by killing it and taking the key. Next, players will fight Captain Madison again and this time he no longer runs away. He will summon a few adds that normally take priority over the boss. After players deal with him and a few more monster packs, they will reach the last boss, Den the Orcatoothed. In the room, there are four objects called unnatural ripples. Players should click them when the watery animation is shown. If they dont click there will be some adds spawning. The boss has no special ability except for a frontal cone attack that is easily avoidable. Once players kill him, they complete the fifth and final Sastasha objective. Cheap FF14 Gil will help you a lot when playing in Sastasha Dungeon.

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