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Do You Own All the NBA Live Mobile Rookie Legends Players?

time 2017-07-08 15:00

Oscar Robertson '60-'61 is the best player in this NBA Live Mobile collection. It's a pretty rare card and this makes him even more valuable. The card's OVR is 91 and its stats are 88 speed, 69 3 pointer, 82 defense, 87 dribbling, 78 shooting and 92 passing. The position is point guard and it can be used in a two way lineup. 
There are three 89 OVR Rookie Legends cards. Willis Reed '64-'65 is a center position card for a big man lineup. The stats are 74 speed, 31 3 pointer, 70 defense, 41 dribbling, 73 shooting and 66 passing. Most NBA Live Mobile users agree that this basketball player deserves a better in game card but it's a good team addition nonetheless. Rik Smits '88-'89 is another center position card but this one goes in a defensive lineup. The card's stats are 70 speed, 27 3 pointer, 72 defense, 32 dribbling, 69 shooting and 48 passing. Jamal Mashburn '93-'94 is a small forward position card that can be used in a small ball lineup. Its stats are 87 speed, 85 3 pointer, 78 defense, 81 dribbling, 82 shooting and 78 passing. 
Three 88 OVR cards are also part of this NBA Live Mobile program. Tom Chambers '81-'82 has the following stats 83 speed, 81 3 pointer, 7 defense, 50 dribbling, 83 shooting and 71 passing. The position is point forward and the lineup is big man. Mark Jackson '87-'88 is a point guard who plays in a small ball lineup. Its stats are 90 speed, 76 3 pointer, 60 defense, 90 dribbling, 57 shooting and 91 passing. Glen Rice '89-'90 is a small forward that fits in a shooting lineup. The card's attributes are 84 speed, 87 3 pointer, 63 defense, 73 dribbling, 84 shooting and 53 passing. 
The set ends with three 87 OVR cards. Chris Mullin '85-'86 is a shooting guard for a shooting lineup. Here are its stats: 77 speed, 86 3 pointer, 72 defense, 78 dribbling, 73 shooting and 85 passing. Toni Kukoc '93-'94 has an in game card with these stats 83 speed, 86 3 pointer, 76 defense, 89 dribbling, 80 shooting and 89 passing. The position is small forward and the associated lineup is two way. Kurt Rambis '81-'82 is a power forward card for a defensive lineup. The stats are 80 speed, 45 3 pointer, 77 defense, 46 dribbling, 70 shooting and 69 passing. Get these good players for your team with cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins now!  

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