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BnS - Destroyer Introduction

time 2017-07-17 15:00

BnS players who want to become support are invited to choose the Destroyer class. One thing that should be known from the start is that only Gon members have what it takes to learn this fighting style. Other races cannot be Destroyers. This class represents the support role in BnS. Destroyers don't generate a high amount of threat but they bring support to the party by removing debuffs and taking care of party members in need. A Destroyer's preferred move is the grab. They can grab staggered opponents and reduce their armor making them extremely vulnerable. Enemies that have been defeated become tools for the Destroyer. They grab and throw them at other opponents. This move gives other players the chance to reach a safe spot. 
Destroyers also have good damage and this makes them perfect for a BnS player who likes to solo content, however, their maximum potential is achieved when playing in a group with other classes. Destroyers make a great team with Assassins, Kung Fu and Force Masters. Crowd control is another strong point for this class. Moves like stuns, dazes and knockdowns can be performed. 
Earth and shadow are the types of damage dealt by this class. Not all abilities fall into one of these two categories. Players can boost damage for earth and shadow abilities when they use the proper items. The general advice is to focus on these abilities as these will be the most used ones in high level activities. Destroyers work best in collaboration with other party members. Players should never miss the chance to do a joint attack. 
The Destroyer is also a good choice for players that want to PvP. The difficulty for playing this class is rated normal so Destroyers are excellent for new BnS PvP players. They will find it very easy to escape from difficult situations and the crowd control abilities are extremely helpful when fighting against other players. 
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