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World of Warcraft – Priest Specializations Explained

time 2017-07-20 15:00

Shadow is the World of Warcraft Priest specialization for damage dealing. In the current patch, 7.25, Shadow is considered a good DPS class. Priests are spell casters, they have a ranged fighting style so they don't need to be close to their target. Shadow specialization works best in an encounter against multiple targets. The rotation uses a lot of damage over time spells so Priests achieve their max DPS if they place their DOT spells on various targets. Single target damage is good but not impressive when compared to other classes. Players that wish to pick a Shadow Priest for raiding should know that the rotation takes time to master. They should also have a healing off-spec to be able to switch for fights against a single target and allow another raid member to temporarily fill a DPS position to maximize overall damage. 
Discipline is a somewhat hybrid specialization. World of Warcraft players that choose this specialization are mainly healers but a big amount of healing comes from damage spells. This is a challenging specialization as players have to carefully juggle damage and healing and to know when it's the right time to use a healing or a damaging spell. Discipline Priests have healing and protective spells. They are able to do impressive amounts of burst healing. This specialization is extremely popular among raiders as the Discipline Priest can also bring a decent amount of DPS to the fight. 
Holy Priests play the role of the traditional World of Warcraft healer. This specialization was always one of the best healing specializations. Holy Priests have amazing area of effect healing spells and can also provide very good single target healing. There is no optimal rotation for healing. Players just need to know their spell book and be able to pick the right spell for a certain situation. In an organized raiding team, the raid leader will let the Holy Priests know in advance if they should focus the tank or the raid. 
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