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World of Warcraft - How to Deal With Mythic+ Affixes Part 1

time 2017-08-08 15:02

Bolstering. This affix buffs mobs with 20% HP and damage when a nearby mob dies. This only applies to trash packs, boss adds are not affected. This affix is pretty easy to handle. Only one pack should be pulled at a time and DPS players have to spread their damage evenly across all monsters. AOE attacks are preferred as long as players are careful not to attract other packs. 
Necrotic. Players hit by melee attacks get a debuff that reduces received healing, defense, and applies damage over time. The debuff stacks. This affix affects tanks and it can be pretty annoying as Necrotic Rot can be also applied during boss fights. The tank should not pull more than one pack at once. All other players, especially melee DPS, have to be careful not to get hit as well as it will be pretty hard for the healer to deal with more affected players. Any form of crowd control should be used whenever possible. 
Quaking. For the entire duration of the dungeon, players will be affected at random times with a debuff that does damage to nearby players and interrupts them. This one requires careful positioning from the players that have the debuff. They must put a safe distance between them and the group while not attracting any mobs. 
Raging. This affix makes thrash mobs deal 100% more damage when their HP drops below 30%. Killing one mob at a time is the key when dealing with this affix. One target should be marked so players can focus it before switching to the next one. It's important to restrict the use of AOE spells and abilities. 
Sanguine. When trash mobs die, they leave behind a pool that deals damage to players and heals mobs that are standing in it. If this affix is active, tanks should make sure they have plenty of space to move around and to kite the remaining adds after a pool was formed. DPS and healers should be careful to move away from a pool as soon as possible.  
This is the first part of  how to deal with Mythic and Affixes. Stay tuned with u7buy to get more and buy World of Warcraft Gold and cheap World of Warcraft Power Leveling if you need. 

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