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World of Warcraft - How to Deal With Mythic+ Affixes Part 2

time 2017-08-13 14:12

Skittish affix decreases the tank's threat. To handle this, the tank must mark targets and DPS need to focus on killing the marked ones in order. AOE should be used with caution. Classes that have threat reducing and redirection abilities must make use of them as often as possible. 
Teeming affix increases the number of thrash mobs. When players engage a pack, additional mobs might spawn. The tank should not pull more than one pack at a time and wait until all mobs in a pack are dead before pulling the next one. 
Explosive affix enables the monsters the group is currently fighting to call orbs called Fel Explosives. These don't attack players but will cast an AOE spell that does 50% HP damage. The cast takes six seconds during which players should kill the Fel Explosives. AOE doesn't work on them so players must attack them directly. The tactic is to kill the orbs before they finish the cast and to pull one pack at a time. 
Grievous affix applies a debuff on a player whose HP drops below 90%. Grievous Wound is a DOT that does 2.5% HP damage every three seconds. It stacks five times. The debuff can be removed by healing the player to at least 90%. Healers must pay attention here and immediately restore HP to any affected player so the debuff is quickly removed. Players must avoid taking damage at all costs, use own heals or defensive abilities if available. Crowd control should be used when dealing with mobs that do AOE damage. 
Busting affix applies a debuff on players when they kill a thrash mob. The debuff does 5% HP damage every two seconds and it stacks. Players should be careful not getting too many stacks of Burst as it can quickly lead to a wipe. The tactic is to kill one mob a time, eventually wait for the stacks to drop before finishing another mob. AOE should be used with caution. Crowd control is helpful when dealing with this affix. 
Volcanic affix makes monsters and bosses to spawn a plume that deals 50% HP damage to a nearby player. The trick is that the plume spawns under players that are relatively far away from a mob, namely ranged DPS and healers. Obviously, players have to move away from the plume to avoid the damage. 
Here is the second part of  how to deal with Mythic and Affixes. Stay tuned with u7buy to get more and buy World of Warcraft Gold and cheap World of Warcraft Power Leveling if you need. 

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