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World of Warcraft - How to Deal With Mythic 10+ Affixes

time 2017-08-19 15:37

World of Warcraft mythic affixes are dungeon modifiers that apply various effects and generate situations for players to deal with when completing a dungeon on mythic mode. There are 13 affixes in total that are applied based on the keystone's level. Two of the affixes, fortified and tyrannical, are only seen for level 10 or higher keystones; you could reach your desired level with WOW Power Leveling service offered by u7buy. Now, here's how to deal with these two modifiers. 
Fortified is a World of Warcraft affix that affects trash mobs. It gives them an HP buff of 20% and boosts their damage by 30%. This doesn't sound that bad but the trick is that this affix is multiplicative so the buff increases in value. To see the real numbers, players have to mouse over the affix icon. Essentially, the fortified affix makes trash packs a lot harder but it doesn't give monsters any special abilities and it doesn't place any debuff on players. The strategy here is to approach each pack with caution. Crowd control should be used to deal with fewer enemies at a time. Marking the targets and following the kill order will make things a lot easier. DPS players and the healer should be careful about positioning so they take as little damage as possible or none at all. Packs should be pulled one at a time. 
Tyrannical affix empowers bosses in World of Warcraft mythic 10+ dungeons. This affix gives them 40% more HP and increases dealt damage by 15% but just like Fortified it multiplies. Tyrannical can quickly become a problem even if players are familiar with boss tactics. Some of the attacks used by the boss can transform into a one shot ability leaving the group without a player in no time. Players should know the encounter's tactics and boss abilities so they can move to another spot, use a defensive ability, or do whatever is necessary to survive. The tank should kite the boss if this makes things easier. Players are encouraged to use potions, food, or any other consumables that boost their attributes. Visit u7buy now if you want to use cheap World of Warcraft gold to get your character armed. Good luck with your journey in wow.  

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