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What is the World of Warcraft Game Token & What You Need to Know About it

time 2017-08-29 14:32

The World of Warcraft game token is an item that gives players the opportunity to turn real money into gold and gold into game time or Battle.net Balance. The game token enters the game when it's purchased by a player from the in game shop. The price varies depending on players' location. Players that are located in the USA pay $20, European players pay 20 Euros, and UK players pay 20 pounds. Players in Taiwan and South Korea pay in their national currency. The game token received by the player cannot be used for game time. Players buy it to sell it on the auction house for World of Warcraft gold
A game token can be sold on the auction house. The trick here is that players have no direct control over the price. An algorithm calculates the price based on supply and demand. Game tokens only have buyout price, players cannot bid on them. The auction time cannot be set either. Also, the auction cannot be canceled. Game tokens are sold under a separate category on the auction house. The category is called Game Time and it's the last one on the auction house. Players that wish to buy a World of Warcraft game token click on this category to see the current offer. Only one game token offer is shown at a time. Buyers don't know who the sellers are. They just see the buyout price. The game token is delivered to the player's mailbox. The price of a token varies. Currently, the price is around 200,000 gold. World of Warcraft players don't need to have an active subscription to buy and use a token. They can log into the game and purchase the token from the character screen provided they have enough gold. 
Players redeem the token for 30 days of game time or Battle.net Balance. The second option is available only on US servers at the moment. Players receive $15 in Battle.net Balance for one token. Balance is used to buy Blizzard games, server and faction transfer, cosmetic World of Warcraft items, mounts, Hearthstone cards and adventures, Heroes of the Storm skins, and Destiny 2. 
Here are thing you need to know about WOW Token. Be free to let us know if you want to know more. By the way, cheap WOW Power Level service is available at u7buy now. Welcome to visit our site.  

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