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FUT Mobile – Get Ready for the Reset with the Pre-Season Program

time 2017-10-13 14:39

FUT Mobile will go through a reset. To prepare players for the second season, a new program called Pre-Season is added to the game. It was officially announced that there won't be any other programs in the current season so this is players' last chance to get new cards and to get ready for season two. From now on, players should keep an eye for items that have the “now & later” icon. This means that these items will give rewards now and also when the new season starts. Tokens that will be of use in the next season can be earned from three activities. To get tokens, players need to take part in program events that are called Pre-Season events, to complete plans, and to get packs from the store that have the “now & later” mark. Players can check out the “later” reward by reading the pack's description. 
The Pre-Season program comes with the opportunity to obtain five 100 OVR player cards. Football player item cards obtained from the VS Attack Masters, Top Transfers Neymar, and Blue Star Hazard plans can be upgraded to 100 OVR. Unlike other cards, these will not be reset but transformed into another version that can be used in season two. However, these are not the only 100 OVR players that can be obtained from the program. In total, there are 27 new players introduced with this program. A new player will be made available each week. There are also three players that are earned by completing leagues, VS Attack, and live events. 
The program also adds new content. There will be three new live events available. This gives players the opportunity to select a favorite football player to obtain and upgrade. New plans are added to the game as well. These plans transform certain items into next season tokens. Another rewarding activity is finding all the pieces to put together the treasure map to unlock an awesome prize. For cheap FUT Mobile Coins buying, u7buy have an awesome price for you.   

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