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FUT Mobile - Complete These Plans Before the Reset

time 2017-11-08 14:23

Pre-Season Pogba plan category has five plans. It's one of the easiest plans so players have no excuse for not completing it. The reward is a 100 OVR player card. First, players will go to the store and claim the free 92 OVR Paul Pogba card. The 96 OVR Pogba plan requires the 92 OVR card version, a Pre-Season player kit, and 15 XP Pre-Season Midfielder tokens. The next plan, 97 OVR Pogba, requires the player version card from the previous plan, three Pogba player kit tokens, and 35 XP Midfielder tokens. Four Pogba tokens and five more Midfielder tokens, along with Pogba 97 OVR are needed for the 98 OVR Pogba plan. The 98 OVR card is used with six Pogba tokens and 50 Midfielder tokens to get 99 OVR Pogba. The last plan is 100 OVR Pogba. Players will need the card version from the previous plan, one Rank Up token, 10 Pogba tokens, and 100 Midfielder tokens. The 100 OVR card version comes with the ability to boost OVR for other players. When you do these plans, remember to use your FUT Mobile coins as soon as possible.
There are other plan categories that allow players to obtain 100 OVR players. The 100 OVR Miranda plan requires one Rank Up token, 25 Miranda Player Kits, and 250 Defender tokens. This card also boosts others' OVR by one. Other players that can be obtained in a similar manner are 100 OVR William Silva de Carvalho, 100 OVR Luis Miguel Alfonso Fernandes, and 100 OVR Mario Mandzukic. Several other upgrade plans are available. Players can obtain 100 OVR cards for Aurier, Mascherano, De Rossi, Torres, Evra, Shaqiri, Cavani, Srna, Silva, Mkhitaryan, Baines, Thiago, Van Persie, and Nainggolan. If players have tokens from leagues, live events, and VS Attack, they can exchange them for more 100 OVR players.
Treasure Hunt plan category contains seven plans. Items needed for these plans are found in Pre-Season packs. Special items that can still be used in this season and also rewards that will be of help when the new season begins are earned from these plans.

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