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World of Warcraft - What to Do During the Feast of Winter Veil Event

time 2017-12-27 14:39

World of Warcraft celebrates Christmas with an event called Feast of Winter Veil. Starting December 16th, players are invited to take part in the event related activities and on December 25th  to open gifts under the tree. Adventurers will notice that most game locations have received a festive makeover. The cities of Ironforge and Orgrimmar are the central hubs of this event. This is where quest NPCs, vendors, and the Greatfather Winter are found. There are a few quests that are easily completed. One of them turns into a daily quest. The event is also a good occasion to make some gold. One daily quest requires players to cook gingerbread cookies for Greatfather Winter. The recipe requires small eggs. The eggs can be easily obtained by killing low level monsters but most players prefer to get them from the auction house. Farming some eggs before the holiday begins is a quick way to make fast WOW gold. Holiday crafting recipes for all professions can be obtained during the event. 
Players can check out the Feast of Winter Veil achievements if they don't know what to do during the event. There are two achievements that require some PvP. One can be easily done in battlegrounds but for the BB King achievement players will need to venture into the heart of the enemy territory. Another achievement requires players to complete a Burning Crusade daily. Winter attire and special items that are obtained during the event are needed for other achievements. Those who complete all the achievements receive the Merrymaker title. The BB King achievement is not a requirement to get the title. On Christmas Day, the presents under the trees in Ironforge and Orgrimmar can be opened. A lot of players gather here to open their presents and to play with the toys obtained as gifts. A variety of pets can be earned. Players get pets such as a winter reindeer, a tiny snowman, and a clockwork rocket bot. An World of Warcraft item that can only be used while the event is active transforms the mount into a reindeer. On December 31st, a fireworks show celebrates the beginning of the new year. The event ends January 2nd. 

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