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The Five Best Low-cost Players to Dribble in FUT 18

time 2018-03-22 10:16

As we have repeated on more than one occasion, each FUT 18 player has a characteristic playing style. There are many factors involved in deciding our philosophy in the title of EA Sports and almost all are valid.
On this occasion, we stop at those gamers whose football proposal consists of dribbling. They are those, the masters of the famous skills, who climb a step in the quality of professional games and who are able to open any defense with a joystick master movement.
If your intention is to try to master this type of game style, you will need players with good skills. However, these are usually the most expensive to get in FUT . Therefore, we have made a selection with the best low-cost dribblers of the game.
Douglas Costa (Juventus)
For less than 5,000 FUT 18 coins you have Douglas Costa. The Brazilian left winger has been several seasons being one of the funniest players to use in FUT. His 5 dodge stars and his 88 note in dribbling make him a perfect player to experience the full range of skills available in the game.
Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City)
Another lefty, who nevertheless FUT 18 plays for the left wing. Mahrez is an excellent choice to compose a squad of the Premier League based on skill with the ball. With stats similar to Douglas Costa in dribbling, the Algerian will also provide a break and a lot of quality in the pass.
Juan Cuadrado (Juventus)
Another end of Juventus. Ideal to compose a template of the Italian Serie A with Douglas Costa. Like all the players on this list, the Colombian has 5 dodge stars. An indispensable quality if you want to have all the dribbles created for this FUT 18 available. In addition, the former end of Chelsea and Fiorentina has enough speed to play against. Without any doubt, an excellent addition.
Marlos (Shakhtar Donetsk)
Unless you make a team entirely of Brazilians, it is not the best option if you want to compose a squad that is good chemistry. The Ukrainian league has few quality FUT 18 players for FUT. However, Marlos is an excellent dribbler. Extreme right like Cuadrado, if you need to complement this position with a Brazilian, it can be an interesting option.
Ricardo Quaresma (Besiktas)
The Turkish league is one of the cheapest options. For a few coins you can make up a moderately powerful team to compete during the week in FUT (yes, you'd better go with something much more powerful if you want to say something in the weekend of FUT Champions). If you want to take this option into account, the Portuguese end must be in your rows. You will not be disappointed.

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