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Ring the Bell in Fortnite!

time 2018-10-30 10:17

Ring the bell of a house with an enemy inside in different games is one of the challenges of week 4 of season 6 of Fortnite. A challenge that, a priori, may seem difficult to require, first, locate houses with bell (a new mechanics that has been introduced with this week's update), and two, that the house has an enemy inside.
In this guide we will indicate where the houses with bell in Fortnite are, so that at least, the part of ringing the bell you have controlled. The other half, that there is an enemy inside, can be somewhat more complicated, although a little below we will give you some tips and tricks.
How to complete the challenge?
As you can guess, there are three areas where it is much easier to get this challenge are Señorío de la Sal, Parque Placentero and Ciudad Comercio. They are relatively small areas where it is easy to find some houses with bell (not all have, for example, those that are in ruins). Needless to say, here, the best way to try to complete it is to play individually or "solo", against other players.

Of course, if the houses have two doors, one front and one back, you will only find the bell in the front, always keep it in mind when approaching the houses. And, although it sounds like a truism, to ring the bell, just go to the switch, and press the interact button (open chests, doors ...) to make it sound. If you press it many times, it ends up breaking and it stops working ... so you'll also have to be quick on this.
As we said before, the ideal situation is that you arrive with the slider to some of the areas that we have indicated, and before landing, observe the area from the air to see where there are other players about to land. Many will do it on the roof, to get materials and at the same time get Fortnite weapons.
Wait until they break the roof and start exploring the house. It is at that moment when you must ring the bell for the game to count your progress in the challenge (you must do it a total of 3 times). If you are observers, it should not cost so much to get it (remember that you have the rest of the season to be able to achieve it, not only this week).
You already know how to complete the challenge, play the bell of a house with an enemy inside in different games in Fortnite. We have also told you how to complete get a score of 3 or more in different shooting galleries, dance on top of a clock tower, a pink tree and a giant porcelain throne and the Hunting Game challenge of week 4.
If you need more help, in our Fortnite guide, you will find tips and tricks of all kinds, to master the best weapons in the game, learn to build better and, of course, how to complete all the challenges of season 6, all the starting challenges Hunting or where to find the flames in season 6 or how to unlock the legendary skins Lobuno and Calamity. Besides, buy Fortnite Power leveling is available for players with safe guarantee. 

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