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Fortnitemares Is Here!

time 2018-11-06 10:34

That Fortnite was going to receive a special event for Halloween was something that the vast majority of users were clear, and more since a few days ago when Epic Games decided to go revealing it through a teaser. Now the maintenance has begun to allow one more week, the game is updated and this time include the patch 6.20, which comes with the expected Halloween Fortnitemares event.
The highlights 
Among the highlights of the version 6.20 of Fortnite we find Nightmare before the storm, the limited time event that brings the cube back to Fortnite Battle Royale. During the next days we can enjoy inclusions as different monsters that emanate from the fragments of the cube and that, when defeating them, give a small amount of shield and have a probability of leaving booty. The fragments of the cube will appear randomly throughout the game, but always close to the corrupt areas of the island.
Along with this, Battle Royale has also received news on content. On the one hand, for a limited time, the crossbow of the demon flyer will be available; and on the other hand, the revolver of six bullets is here to stay. In addition to all this, it is important to highlight the inclusion of the possibility of redeploying the hang glider at any time of the game, so that the mobility increases and it will be possible to jump on the rivals after jumping from some high point.
Of course, for the Halloween event could not miss the new aspects and special items such as hang gliding, backpack and a whole set of terrifying accessories to show off the love for this holiday. Then you can review some in the video published by those responsible for the work.
And to top it all, those players who want to make the leap from Battle Royale to Save the World can do so much more easily, because temporarily this mode of payment has a reduction of neither more nor less than 50%. So it’s time to buy Fortnite items and get ready to save the world! 

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