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FF14 – Starlight Celebration 2018 Has Begun

time 2018-12-28 08:31

FF14 players can take part in the Starlight Celebration event starting with December 17. Players need to have a level 15 character to be eligible for the event. The event quests are available for a limited period of time so make sure to complete it before the event ends. Players will begin by completing three quests. They will head to Old Gridania where they will find Amh Garanjy. This NPC can be found near the Mih Khetto Amphitheatre. The first quest is called Not so Silent Night. The quest has five objectives that are easily completed just by traveling and talking to a few NPCs. This quest takes place in New Gridania and Uldah and ends at the starting NPC. Players will then travel to Limsa Lominsa for the next quest that has two objectives. The third and last quest called Theatgrhythdaniam takes place in Gridania. Players will receive three holiday clothing items and an achievement for completing it. This series of only three quests is easily completed so all players can get this achievement.

The three items received as a reward can be personalized with dyes. These are not the only rewards that can be obtained during this event. Players also have the chance to get a new orchestrion roll called Starlight, Starbright. Some house items are also available. The Silver Starlight Sentinel is a tree covered in snow that can be used as a furnishing item. Three tabletop items can be collected so players can decorate their tables for the holiday. These items include a basket of donuts called Starlight Donuts, the Evercold Starlight Snowman, and some already opened Twinkleboxes. Players can have friends and members of their free company to help with the decorations. They will notice that the three main cities are properly decorated to match the spirit of the celebration. A comic contest is part of the event feature list too. The celebration ends on December 31. Take your time to buy FF14 gil and join this celebration.

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