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Changes Are Coming for the Low Walls in Fortnite

time 2019-01-29 10:02

You are in the water of Fortnite and you face two problems: the medium does not let you move easily and you are under attack. Being a great player you probably know where the bullets come from and how to protect yourself from them thanks to the construction, but of course, you are in the water, and that is an added disadvantage that with the v7.20 patch will have a solution.
Until now we sometimes had problems with areas where the construction implies that we first have to put a wall that is at the height of the terrain, sometimes assuming that our materials are spent in creating small fences on which to build once more.
You lose time and Fortnite materials bought to place an element that, in the end, only serves to place another one on top of it. A problem that should not be ours, but how the creators of the game have managed the limits and heights of the terrain. Aware of this, now prepare a very significant change in the construction of the walls.
So, what´s going on with the patch?
From the patch, in those cases we can build the low and normal wall automatically and without the supporting wall costs us materials. The premise will be activated whenever a construction requires a connection with another construction to be built and that connection piece is at least 70% of its structure underground.
For now the idea will only apply to the walls, being a test system that, if it works correctly, will then be extended to other structures that often generate the same problem as, for example, the stairs. We will see how it works and if there is no space for the exploits by the players.

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