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BnS – Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan

time 2019-03-20 14:11

BnS players can expect new challenges with the release of the Legacy of the Hongmoon content update. The patch is a significant one. Players are now able to take their characters even further with the increase of the level cap. The max level is now 60. There are several ways to get to the new level cap but players should check out the new story called Temple of Succession. Classes become even more flexible as two specializations have been added to each class. Players can stick to their old class or try the new one. The Lyn Warden is a new class that becomes available after the update. A new activity is being added as well. Players will be able to clash on a battleground that supports up to 20 soldiers. This is a new PvP event called Shackled Isles. It has a battle royale scenario. 

The 11 existing BnS classes are being changed. The talent system is getting reworked. Players should check out the official website and see how the class revamp affects them. The patch notes are also available on the website. It's worth reading them because the update includes a myriad of changes and it's always good to be up to date. The update comes with several events. One of them is for those who like to raid. There are weekly challenges and dynamic quests that allow players to get extra rewards when they defeat bosses in select raids. Players have the chance to acquire raid consumables, XP charms, cosmetic items, and BnS gold buying. Blossoming Soul event allows players to get special tokens that can be exchanged at the Dragon Express for gems, equipment, cosmetics, consumables, and upgrade materials. The Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove event is also taking place. Any character that is at least level 36 can take part in this event. Players get a trove each day. They can open it and have the chance to buy one item from the trove using gold. Premium options can be used to get more rewards from the trove event. The content update is free for all players. 

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