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BnS – Legends Reborn Event

time 2019-04-23 13:46

BnS is hosting a PvE event called Legends Reborn. The event gives players the chance to take part in some challenging fights. As one can imagine, there are lots of compelling rewards to be earned from the event activities. The event has three activities. One is a single player challenge and the others are two six man heroic dungeons. 

The Ring of Reckoning is a new solo heroic dungeon that's available at Mushin's Tower. Players must first go to the quest journal and open the quest letter in the event section. They will get the instructions on how to enter the challenge. The first enemy is the Sacred Loggui. It's a powerful enemy and you must take it down in less than a minute in order to move forward. The boss will come back stronger and you have to defeat it three more times. Its final form is the toughest fight. If you manage to take it down, you will get an item that helps you get the reward. Players receive resurgence emblems and legendary orbs as prizes. This solo challenge is available once a day. Players need to be level 55 in order to take part in it. Buy BnS gold cheapest for your character and level it faster. 
The multiplayer challenge is two six man heroic dungeons with the same level requirement as the solo dungeon. This first dungeon is called The Desolated Mausoleum. Players will face the Lord of Inferno. The other dungeon is The Burning Mausoleum. Players will fight against an upgraded version of the Lord of Inferno. The rewards include resurgence emblems, legendary orbs, and legendary pouches. The pouch has some guaranteed drops such as various crystals and legendary jewels and gem hammers. The items that have a chance to drop from the pouch are premium transformation stones, various scales, grand celestial steel, and blood stones. The resurgence emblems and the legendary orbs are used as currency at the Dragon Express. Players can obtain cosmetic items, weapons, upgrade materials, soul shields, gems, XP boosters, and consumables for them. The event ends May 8th but players have until June 19th to redeem their prizes. 

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