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Elder Scroll Online – Top 5 Favorite Antagonists (May Contain Spoilers!)

time 2019-05-06 14:31

Angof the Gravesinger. The players can start the associated Elder Scroll Online quest from Darien Gautier in Glenumbra. As the name suggests, Angof is a necromancer. He has made a deal with the Daedric Prince Molag Bal which gave him great power. He justified his actions as the save Glenumbra from corrupted Breton noblemen. Angof is the main villain in this region. He is responsible for the dark corruption in Glenumbra.

Abnur Tharn. This is one of the most well-designed Elder Scroll Online characters. A Deadra worshiper, Mannimarco's servant, and  Ayrenn's torturer, he is one of the most famous game antagonists. His witty comebacks and snarky remarks, make him a players' favorite. His nature is dual and you never know where his loyalties really lie. Many would say that he is only loyal to himself. Abnur Tharn has 16 children.
Magistrix Vox. Players encounter this Dunmer character in Deshaan. She is the leader of the Maulborn Cult, the organization who is behind the Llodos Plague. Vox worships the Daedric Prince Boethiah. She founded the Maulborn Cult to seek revenge for her son Meram who was killed by Almalexia for treason. Magistrix Vox is the main villain in the Deshaan province.
Sheogorath. The Daedric Prince of Madness is not just a favorite Elder Scroll Online villain but also one of the most recognizable Elder Scrolls characters. He is present throughout the series. In Elder Scroll Online, he is involved in a quest regarding the Mages Guild. The quest line ends with the player having to make a decision. As you can guess, dealing with a Deadric Prince is never easy.
High Kinlady Estre. Prince Naemon's wife is actually the Veiled Queen, leader of the Veiled Heritance, an organization who seeks to assassinate Queen Ayrenn. Estre worships the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. She summons an army of daedra at Dawnbreak and also at Torinaan. She encounters and fights the Vestige at Firsthold. Her husband is also an Elder Scroll Online antagonist. Prince Naemon makes an appearance as a villain in Grahtwood and he comes back as the Shade of Naemon lich in Greenshade. Cheapest Elder Scroll Online gold purchase is available for your caracter now, leave a comment and share your character with us now.

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