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GW2 – Guild System

time 2019-05-02 14:59

It's pretty obvious for an MMORPG called GW2 to have a guild system. All games of this type have one, but the implementation is different for each game. Here's how the guild system works in GW2. 

Guilds are a cross-server feature. Players from different EU and US servers can be members of the same guild. A guild starts with 50 member maximum. The leader can buy expand upgrades when the number of members is at least 80% of the maximum allowed size. The last expand upgrade allows a guild to have 500 members. The guild membership belongs to the player's account and not to the character. An account can join up to five guilds. Guilds have ranks. There are three default ranks: leader, officer, and members. The leader can create and delete up to 10 ranks. Each rank has certain permissions. Being in a guild comes with benefits, but players must first represent the guild to enjoy those benefits. Players can view the guilds they are part of from the Account Guilds menu. They can choose a favorite guild and check the Represent checkbox next to its name. 
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Guild hall is a guild housing feature. Each guild can have an instanced area where only members have access. But the guild hall has to be claimed first. There are three available guild halls. Players can preview and choose the one they like. There is an entire guild hall upgrade system through which the guild hall gains more features. For example, the guild hall can have vendor NPCs and repair anvils. There are also guild buildings such as the tavern and the workshop that can be upgraded. Guild missions are another guild feature. Players will get all sorts of rewards by completing these missions. Guild members also get guild enchantments that give all sorts of buffs. The crafting profession scribe can only be learned by those who are part of a guild. There is also a gear set available to guild members only. Last but not least, guilds provide players with a great opportunity to meet others. 

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