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FUT 20 New Features – Foundation and Milestone Objectives

time 2019-08-20 08:33

will have lots of new features in FUT 20. Foundation and milestones objectives have been added to the game. These are part of the new objectives feature that introduces season objectives. Foundation objectives are aimed towards new players but that doesn't mean that veterans can not enjoy the rewards too. Foundation objectives focus on basic features such as squad building, chemistry, item trading, and more. The tasks will help players learns the foundation of this mode and hopefully accelerate their development. There will be multiple types of foundation objectives so players can concentrate on a category of choice.

Milestone objectives are not part of any season. These are long term objectives that can be completed over several weeks or seasons. It depends on the type. These objectives will be created in groups. Players can start working towards completing these tasks without being pressured. The milestones are not time-sensitive like daily or weekly objectives. Players don't need to hurry. They can take their time and get the rewards when they are ready. These types of objectives were introduced after lots of EA FUT 20 players asked for more ways to advance in . The milestones will be tied to your club progression. Players will get rewards for achieving certain milestones and they will also make their ascension more memorable. Milestones and foundation objectives expand the old system. These objectives are a bit similar to quests in RPG games. There are main story quests, such as milestones,  that will be completed towards the end of the game and side missions, which are the equivalent of daily or weekly objective, that can be completed faster. Players should not be feel forced to complete all objectives. This is the best part of this system. It offers lots of ways so players can choose their preferred methods of getting rewards. Hardcore players will probably complete all objectives while casual players can choose the activities that appeal to them the most. FUT 20 promises to be a flexible experience that will satisfy all levels of players and help newbies learn the game as soon as possible.

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