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FUT 20 – What is Piemonte Calcio?

time 2019-09-10 09:00

FUT 20 has a team called Piemonte Calcio. It's not a new football team. In fact, it's one of the most well-known teams in the world. EA Sports has partnerships with football teams and clubs that are featured in the EA Sports FUT series. This year, the partnership between EA Sports and Juventus ended. Moreover, the football club entered an exclusive deal with PES 20, the rival football game. As a consequence, the name Juventus can not be used anymore in FUT 20 and FUT Mobile. Here is what is changing. 

First of all, Juventus is now called Piemonte Calcio in FUT 20. Piemonte is the location where Juventus was founded and Calcio means football in Italian. The badge and the kit were also updated to reflect the name change. The changes will be visible in kick-off, career mode, and also in the new Volta mode. If you are worried that the players will have different names too, you can rest assured as this is not the case. Even though the name is changed, the players are the authentic footballers. Their attributes and the way they interact with others stay the same as well. The chemistry will not be modified by the name change. The players from Piemonte Calcio will have chemistry with players from the same club, league, and nation. When it comes to , the players can still get special items like all the others footballers in the game. The players' performance and their attributes will be constantly updated based on what's happening in the real world. You can select and play with Piemonte Calcio in the new career mode. The players will have updated attributes. 

If you are wondering what's happening to other EA Sports FUT titles, the previous game versions are not affected by this change. We don't know what will happen in future installments. It all depends on whether Juventus chooses to enter a partnership with EA once again or not. All we can do is to wait and see.

Now you know the relationship between Piemonte Calcio and Juventus. Hope you can enjoy this "new" team in FUT 20. U7BUY would have cheap and reliable FUT coins prepared at the very beginning of FUT 20. Stay tuned and get more discount in the near future!

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