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FUT 20 - Did You Vote for the August Player of the Month?

time 2019-09-11 04:53

FUT 20 is not out yet but fans can already vote for the Player of the Month. If you want to have a saying in the August PotM, you should head to the official game website and look for the page called Player of the Month. Alternatively, you can just subscribe to FUT 20 on social networks and follow the link. It's much easier this way. PotM is a community program. The best thing about it is that you don't have to own the game or even have an EA account in order to vote. You can even share on social media and let others know that you have contributed to the game. There are six players to choose from. One of these six players will be the Premier League August PotM.

Sergio Aguero is from Argentina. He plays as a forward for Manchester City football club. His in-game position is striker. His match day stats are four played games, six goals out of a total of 13 shots, one assist, and a passing accuracy of 86%. Ashley Barnes comes from Austria. He is a forward and he plays for Burnley club. He has played four games, got four goals, 15 shots, no assists, and a passing accuracy of 56%. Kevin De Bruyne comes from Belgium. He plays for Manchester City as a midfielder. His in-game position is center attacking midfielder. He has the following stats: four played games, one goal, 12 shots, five assists, and a passing accuracy of 83%. The next player is Roberto Firmino. He is from Brazil and he plays for Liverpool as a forward. In , his position is center forward. He played four games. He has 17 shots, two goals, two assists, and 75% passing accuracy. Teemu Pukki is a footballer from Finland that plays as a forward for Norwich City. His digital counterpart is a striker. Pukki has played four games, he scored five goals, took 15 shots, made one assist, and had a passing accuracy of 78%. Raheem Sterling is the sixth player. He is from England and he plays for Manchester City. He is a forward and a right winger. Sterling has played four games. He has scored five goals and took 12 shots. He made no assists and his passing accuracy was 78%.

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