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David Rutter is Leaving the FUT 20 Team

time 2019-09-13 09:00

FUT 20 players are somewhat concerned about their favorite football simulation game as it was officially announced that David Rutter is taking another position in the company. Don't you know who David Rutter is? He is one of the most important people behind the game. The general agreement is that he is responsible for the popularity of the latest FUT games. He has been in charge of the franchise and he also supervised the development teams. Under his guidance, the two EA studios – Vancouver and Romania - that are tasked with developing the FUT series have done a great job. If you are not sure how David Rutter presence affected the games, then you should know that he started his job at EA in 2007. He was a game producer and the first game he worked on was no other than FUT 09. If you are a veteran FUT series player, you surely know why FUT 09 is considered a landmark. It is the FUT series game that introduced .

The insanely popular is not just a well-received mode but one of the features that generate the most revenue. In the current fiscal year, almost 30% of EA's earnings come from . Official UT tournaments have prize pools of millions of dollars and are viewed by fans from all over the world. David Rutter is often associated with and you can surely see why he is a key member in the FUT series team. Him leaving the crucial position as the overseer of the entire franchise will most likely have some impact. However, there are little reasons to worry about FUT 20. The game was already developed and all future additions are planned. It remains to be seen how the team will react to players' feedback. When it comes to future FUT games, we cannot tell what will happen. The last three installments were really successful and it seems that FUT 20 will be as well. As a small consolation, Rutter is not leaving the company. He is taking another position in the European branch. He will be moving to Sweden where he will be in charge of three EA studios: DICE, Ghost Games, and Criterion. Maybe someday he will even rejoin the FUT team.

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