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What You Need to Know About FUT 20 Early Access

time 2019-09-19 09:00

Are you planning on playing FUT 20 the second it becomes available? Assuming that you have pre-ordered the game already, here is what you need to know about early access dates. Please note that there are two types of early access. There is the EA Access and the game early access. It can be a bit confusing but we are here to sort everything out so don't worry. 

If you play on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 and you are an Origin Access or EA Access subscriber then you can play starting September 19th. This is the earliest access that allows you to play for a few hours before anyone else. The catch is that your playtime will be limited to a fixed number of 10 hours. You get the chance to play a week in advance but keep in mind that there is a timer that starts the moment you enter the game. If you need to pause the game or go AFK for a while, you should close the game. That will prevent the timer from running. Resume your play session when you can game uninterrupted. Your progress will transfer to the game. The players you get will not go away. The coins and points are yours to keep. If you are wondering if your FUT 19 coins and players will transfer, the answer is no. They stay in the old game so that's why is a good idea to spend the coins before the new game comes out. However, you get a one-time opportunity to transfer the points. 

If you are not a subscriber but you have pre-ordered the champions or the ultimate edition, you will be able to play starting September 24th. You have until September 27th to make the pre-order. This is the official release date. Those who get the standard game edition and are not EA Access or Origin Access subscribers, get to play starting September 27th. If you are interested in additional FUT 20 tools such as the companion app and the web app, you should expect them a week or so before the official launch date. Both of them are valuable tools that will enhance your game experience so make use of them. 

Early access is nice because it allows you to get an advantage over other players but you can get a real head start with some coins. Get FUT coins from U7buy and use them to strengthen your team! Keep in mind that we also offer players and accounts.

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