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What Players and Critics Think About FUT 20?

time 2019-10-25 00:00

FUT 20 launched and players have finally got the chance to see what EA Sports has been working on for the past year.

This year's edition brought a new mode, changes to existing modes, and new content. But are players happy with the 2019 installment? Not so much, if we judge by the Metacritic user score. FUT 20 got an embarrassing score of 1.1 meaning overwhelmingly dislike. The score is calculated based on more than 1,500 reviews. So what was that players didn't like about it?

Despite all the new features, many believe that the 2019 game is not much different from the 2018 edition. Players were not impressed by the Volta mode which they say it loses novelty after a few days.

Many call the gameplay unrealistic and they say that footballers' reactions and how they look when playing on the field don't look like reality at all. This is very harsh criticism as we all know that the game developers invested a lot of time and resources into motion capture. They did their best to recreate the real footballers. Could they have possibly failed? The players also complain about broken mechanics and bugs. But the major criticism falls on .

Ironically, this is also the most played game mode. Players feel that UT is nothing more than a money grab and they condemn EA Sport's aggressive microtransactions policy. We've seen what players think, now it's time to check out what the gaming press has to say about FUT 20. Contrary to the community's opinion, the reviews from gaming publications are generally favorable.

The Metacritic score from more than 50 critics is 55. IGN Spain calls it the most complete entry in the series and praises the new Volta mode. Multiplayer.it says that the game doesn't differ much from past installments but provides a better play experience. GameSpot praises Volta mode but says that despite the developers' efforts Career Mode doesn't bring anything new. Game Informer believes that the game is just the same as it's ever been.

Opinions may differ but one thing all agree on is that FUT 20 for Nintendo Switch is a bad buy. The game is actually a legacy edition. What are your thoughts? Who do you agree with? Players or critics?

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