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FUT 20 – Icon Squad Building Challenges Updates

time 2019-11-07 00:00

Icon cards are a big part of FUT 20 . Ever since these cards were introduced, developers thought of new ways to make them useful to the players. Before being useful, they must first be accessible. When designing the Icon part of UT for this year's game, developers wanted to come up with a way to make these cards available for more players. Icon swap is a new game feature that allows players to get Icons in exchange for tokens that are acquired from objectives. The squad building challenges that required Icons came into revision. As we all know, there were individual Icon squad building challenges that were completed using icons. This made certain base icons valuable only for the squad building challenges that required them. Players didn't use these cards in their teams. They only used them to complete the challenge. This was one of the things that the developers wanted to change. They looked into individual and player pick icon squad building challenges. The price of some of the top icons had major fluctuations in the transfer market. Developers found it more and more difficult to come up with challenges that stayed consistent with the market price. Some changes had to be made. 

Icons are no longer a requirement for the squad building challenges. The quick sell price of an icon card was also changed. Players will get 63,750 coins instead of 102,000. There will be specific guaranteed icon pack squad building challenges. These will be made available throughout the game's life cycle. Players will have the chance to get the specific version of any icon card. Speaking of versions, there is more info about them as well. Players can see when icon versions will be released so they can make plans. The individual icon squad building challenges have been replaced with a new feature called icon swaps. This feature allows players to exchange tokens for certain icons. The tokens are obtained by playing the game. There will be three icon swap events throughout the year. The first event is currently running and lasts until December. Make sure to get the tokens and obtain the Icons you want! 

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