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FUT 20 Top Passers

time 2019-11-28 00:00

Do you need players with a high passing attribute for your FUT 20 team? Then you might want to take a look at these players. These are the FUT footballers that have the highest passing.

Kevin De Bruyne and Lionel Messi have the top positions. Kevin De Bruyne is a player from Manchester City. He is a center attacking midfielder with 91 OVR. His stats are 76 pacing, 86 shooting, 92 passing, 87 dribbling, 61 defending, and 78 physical.

Messi plays for FC Barcelona. He is a right winger with 94 OVR and 87 pacing, 92 shooting, 92 passing, 96 dribbling, 39 defending, and 66 physical.

Christian Eriksen and Toni Kroos are other players with good passing. Eriksen is an 88 OVR center attacking midfielder. He plays for Tottenham Hotspur and his attributes are 73 pacing, 81 shooting, 90 passing, 84 dribbling, 53 defending, and 63 physical. Toni Kroos from Real Madrid has the same OVR and position. His attributes are 45 pacing, 80 shooting, 90 passing, 81 dribbling, 70 defending, and 69 physical.

Luka Modric from Real Madrid is a 90 OVR center midfielder. He has 74 pacing, 76 shooting, 89 passing, 90 dribbling, 72 defending, and 66 physical. Parejo from Valencia is another good choice. He is an 86 OVR center midfielder with 41 pacing, 80 shooting, 88 passing, 79 dribbling, 70 defending, and 69 physical.

Miralem Pjanic from Juventus (Piemonte Calcio) is an 86 center midfielder with 68 pacing, 68 shooting, 87 passing, 85 dribbling, 75 defending, and 67 physical.

Neymar Jr from Paris Saint-Germain is a player worth considering. With 92 OVR and 91 pacing, 85 shooting, 87 passing, 95 dribbling, 32 defending, and 58 physical, he makes a good choice for a left winger.

There are three more players with 87 passing but other stats. They are Cesc Fabregas OVR 81, Bruno Fernandes OVR 85, and James Rodriguez OVR 85.

Hakim Ziyech, Mesut Ozil, Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba, Iniesta, Koke, Joshua Kimmich, and Ivan Rakitic are FUT players with 86 passing. Ziyech is a center attacking midfielder with 86 OVR. Ozil from Arsenal has 84 OVR and 70 pacing, 72 shooting, 86 passing, 84 dribbling, 24 defending, and 56 physical.

Hazard from Real Madrid is a 91 OVR left winger with 91 pacing, 83 shooting, 86 passing, 94 dribbling, 35 defending, and 66 physical. Pogba has 88 OVR. Iniesta is an 83 OVR center midfielder from Vissel Kobe. Koke from Atletico de Madrid has 85 OVR. Kimmich is an 86 OVR right back. Rakitic plays for FC Barcelona.

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