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FUT 20 is Now on Sale

time 2019-12-02 00:00

Do you have a friend who might be interested in playing FUT 20? Lots of players pre-order the game to have it as soon as it becomes available. The majority of the players who pre-order are game veterans that have played previous EA SPORTS FUT titles. Newcomers usually wait for reviews and discounts before paying a nice sum of money. If you know someone in this position, then it's good news for them. FUT 20 can now be acquired for a 40% discount. This deal coincides with Black Friday and it's just too good to pass. This is the best deal since the game was released and it will probably be so for a long time. You can get the game discounted from the official game website.

If you have a buddy that wants to play FUT 20, make sure to tell them about the offer so they can grab it as soon as possible. Or if you are feeling generous, maybe you want to make someone happy with an early Christmas present.

Whatever the reason, no one has ever turned down a free game, especially the most popular football simulator game. Don't forget that the discount is available for the digital versions. The easiest way to find the deal is to follow the URL on the official FUT 20 website. First, you need to choose the platform. It's worth noting that even if Nintendo Switch is listed as a platform, there is no URL to the Nintendo store.

A word of caution, make sure you know what you are paying for as FUT 20 for Nintendo Switch is a legacy edition that doesn't have any of the new features. Follow the URL for your platform of choice by clicking on the appropriate button. You will be taken to the digital store from where you can get the game at 40% off. Don't forget that if you opt for the Ultimate or Champions editions you will get some in-game goodies. The Ultimate edition comes with special edition kits, a loan Icon player for five games, and 20 rare gold packs.

The Champions edition has the kits, the loan, and 10 gold packs. The packs are received two respectively one per week. If you want to grab FUT 20 at this great price, make sure to move fast as the offer expires on December 2nd.

This is a great deal but U7buy has even better ones. Get your FUT 20 coins for a great price and check out the players we have for sale. Contact us should you need support or more details.

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