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FUT 20 – What's New In Update 19

time 2020-07-08 00:00

Update 19 just landed in FUT 20. It's not a big update but it's packed with important things regarding the most popular game mode, UT. As we all know, exchanging cards is an integral part of this mode. The transfer market is a feature that allows players to trade cards. This is where you can turn your valuable items into FUT 20 coins. The transfer market is also the place to acquire the cards that elude you.
Update 19 comes with a transfer market improvement. The team added another search filter called Special Quality Filter. Filters are used when browsing the transfer market. They allow players to look for the exact items they want to buy or to narrow their search. They are an important feature. Those who learn how to use them can make nice money on the transfer market. This new filter allows players to make accurate searches regarding the precise rarity of a player item. Players will be able to use this new option on the transfer market and also in the Club section of the Squad menu.
Here is how you make use of the new filter. First, you need to mouse over the Quality tile. This is done when you want to make a search. Then, you need to press the confirmation button. However, there is a known issue with this filter so be prepared to take this into consideration. Sometimes the filter might show an option to look for an item rarity that is not in the game. This is the Silver FUT Champions Items option. The issue will most likely be fixed but keep this in mind if you happen to encounter items of this rarity.
Update 19 came with an issue fix also regarding the transfer market. In case you were highlighting one of the first seven player items that appeared in the search results, the compare price feature was not working correctly. The issue caused the function to display one page of items. You will not encounter this issue anymore.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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