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What Has Happened With The FUT eWorld Cup 2020

time 2020-07-10 00:00

FUT 20 eWorld Cup was cut short by the pandemic outbreak. Initially, the Global Series was put on hold. Eventually, the entire event abruptly ended. It was a hard decision but officials did not see any way out. The tournament cannot transition to online play because of the time zone differences and latency between competitors from different zones. Moreover, the idea behind the Global Series was to create a live show where players would compete in person and their fans would cheer for them from under the same roof. 
The Global Series allowed players to make their way towards the playoffs and the final event. The competitors would win points and advance their ranking. The organizers thought this tournament for live play. Online play wouldn't be the same. So here is how the tournament is ending. 
FUT Champions Cup Stage 4, Global Series Playoffs PS4 and XB1, and the eNations Cup 2020 will not take place anymore this year. The decision was made with the health of the participants and staff in mind. This means that the eWorld Cup 2020 is canceled. 
However, those who participated in Global Series events will still be rewarded. The Global Series rankings as of March 3rd are final. The prize pool is $200,000 for those who were supposed to take part in the FUT Champions Cup Stage 4. The prize pool for the Playoffs is $700,000. Here is how the prizes will be distributed. 
The 64 players who qualified for the FUT Champions Cup Stage 4 will be $3,125 each. The competitors will also get 150 FGS points. This is the minimum amount of points a participant would have gotten if they took part in the event. The final FGS rankings decide the prize of the PS4 and XB1 Playoffs. The $700,000 prize pool is divided in equal parts for each platform. The total prize pool includes $200,000 from FUT Champions Stage V and $500,000 from the Playoffs.
The top 100 players from each platform according to the FGS ranking get prizes. The ranking is considered before March 3rd.  The updated FGS 20 rankings are displayed on FUT.GG. The FUT.GG rankings as of June 17th are final. The participants will be contacted within 60 days. It's a pity that the Global Series and eWorld Cup were canceled but this does mark the end of the FUT 20 e-sports season.
The Summer Cup is a new online tournament that invites top players to participate. Partner events and leagues will take place in the following weeks. There will also be more discounts on U7BUY FUT store. Buy some FUT coins/players for your team this summer!

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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