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Pre-Season Event Is Coming To UT

time 2020-07-28 00:00

It looks like FUT 20 will be hosting an event called Pre-Season. The event is teased in the game. It starts on July 28th or July 29th. So far, there has been no announcement about it on Twitter. What this mysterious event could be? The new FUT 21 game was confirmed for release at the beginning of October. This is two months away.
Usually, the last weeks before the new installment are pretty quiet in the current game. There are no new events and players are busy wrapping things up in the old game or taking a break and preparing for the launch day. It seems like this year things are a bit different. Pre-Season event is something new for the FUT series. The name indicates that it comes before the new season which leads us to think that this event will somehow be tied to FUT 21. Some go as far as saying that this event will allow players to obtain items that can be used in the new game when it launches on October 9th.
The promo teaser for the Pre-Season event was revealed within UT mode so we know that this event will be about this mode. Most likely, it concerns the new season that will begin with FUT 21. The promo doesn't give many clues. We have a background showing a splash of colors. The background is mostly black with some yellow, purple, and pink stains. If the colors hold some clues about the event, no one has figured it out by now.
The promo also shows a countdown to when the event is starting. The countdown showed four days starting from July 24th. Some speculate that the event will give players some cards to start their UT 21 journey but nothing too overpowered as it would impact the game balance. It's only a few days wait so players aren't stressing too much to find out what the event is about.
FUT 21 is releasing a bit late than the previous EA FUT games so it's most likely that the team behind the game wants to give us new ways to keep us engaged before the new game comes out. That's not a bad idea at all considering that the previous event Summer Heat is nearing the ending date. We will have more updates in a couple of days. EA also promises more info about FUT 21 in August. We just had a trailer and the global cover star reveal so things are moving forward at a nice pace.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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