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What’s New With FUT 21 Volta Mode?

time 2020-08-31 00:00

FUT 21 improves on the Volta mode. This mode was added last year with FUT 20. Volta mode is getting bigger and better. Developers have prepared more ways for us to enjoy Volta. There are also gameplay updates. Volta Squads are a new feature. This gives players the possibility to enjoy a game of Volta with other players or in solo mode. Five versus five matches have been added to Volta.
You can team up with your buddies against another group, but you can also join a community squad. The latter option is called community drop in. You will join a public lobby where you get paired with others. The squad up option allows you to create a private lobby with your friends.
If you prefer to play solo, FUT 21 Volta mode now gives you this option as well. This new way to play the game comes with a divisions system. You get a rank and rewards based on your performance. Featured battles pit players’ teams against computer-controlled teams. These battles are weekly events that reward players with battle points which are used to claim rewards. Featured battles have some unique rewards such as official club jerseys from teams such as Real Madrid.
The Debut works as a Volta tutorial. It will take you around two or three hours to complete it. Kaka assists you in learning the game mechanics. Through your Avatar, you will learn how to do simplified skill moves, finishers, blocking techniques, and more. You will put together a squad and go from place to place discovering new locations and challenges.
Speaking of locations, five new pitches are now in this mode. Energized skill moves make the gameplay more fun. Flick up is one of these moves. Agile dribbling is another new gameplay feature. So is the nutmeg. The developers worked to adapt the shooting system for small sided matches. The updates make the system more powerful and accurate.
The defense system got some updates too. The AI was improved so you will see better choices when it comes to attacking. The Volta Stadium Hub is your one-stop for all things Volta. This is where you can select a mode to play, check out your team, and view the gear. Speaking of that last one, this year you have a lot of gear items to collect. There’re gears from famous brands such as Adidas and also community gear.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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