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What’s New With Pro Clubs in FUT 21?

time 2020-09-08 00:00

FUT 21 adds improvements to the Pro Clubs mode. The developers have taken into consideration the feedback from the players when they decided this year’s chances. The two most important features are AI player customization and tactics. AI player customization is a new Pro Clubs feature that gives managers the chance to make modifications to the AI players that are part of their club. To access this new feature, you must look under the Manage section in this mode. Here, you will find many customization options such as looks, name, and kit. A club contains AI Players that can be customized no matter of their position and team formation. The customization can be done by any player that is a member of the club.
However, AI players can only be edited by club managers. Here are the features that can be customized by the managers. Personal details about players such as name, nationality, and date of birth can be changed. You can also choose a player’s preferred foot. There are lots of facial customization options. You can change the skin tone of a player’s face. Visual details such as eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and brows can be changed too. You can customize a player’s hair and facial hair. Accessories such as boots, gloves, and sock tapes are among the customization options. You can also decide which animations to equip a player with. He will do these animations when celebrating or running.
The Manage section contains another new system called Tactics. This is used to make modifications to up to five preset tactics. Each preset contains five game plans. The game plans are attacking, ultra attacking, balanced, defensive, and ultra defensive. You can modify all five of them. You will start by choosing one of the five. These are found on the tactics page. Club managers can personalize each game plan according to their preferences and team’s play style. The tactics menu also displays the AI players that have just been customized. After you are done with the customization feature, you can select the new preset from the Pro Clubs Match Lobby.
You can now load the tactics presets that you modified. You can play with your friends or change strategies depending on which club member wants to play. There’s no other way of knowing if your new tactics work so get on the pitch and start playing. You can also just edit the formation if you want to get into a quick game. If you feel the team is too weak to win, just buy some FUT 21 coins on U7BUY store. You’ll be stronger than ever!
How do you think about this change in the Pro Club? Leave your thoughts in comments! 

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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