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Introduce FUT 21 Career Mode Player Development

time 2020-09-14 00:00

Player Development is a new feature in FUT 21 Career mode. This mode is all about building a powerful squad that is capable of winning every game. As we all know, a squad is as strong as its players. In the current game, managers use the transfer feature to improve their teams. FUT 21 wants to make things different with the new Player Development system. This is an overhaul of the player growth feature that allows managers to improve the players in their team as much as they can.
Depending on a player's position, he can be upgraded and customized to fulfill different roles. The attributes that are the most important for a footballer's play style will be boosted. The specialization in which a player develops is up to you. You can direct the player to specialize in the possession of the ball or plays from the back. Beside, you can improve a player to achieve better counter attacks. You are in charge so the choice is yours.
A player develops based on how much XP he gets. XP is acquired from playing games. It is also determined by the growth potential of a player. So, the performance in games and the potential will determine how much XP a player obtains. The XP goes to the player's stats. The stats will develop over time based on how much XP they have accumulated.
The default XP distribution gives an equal amount of XP to all attributes. This is the balanced plan. Managers can create personalized development plans. The custom plans allow managers to decide which attributes and features get the XP. You can distribute all the XP in major attributes. These are the attributes that determine the OVR of the player in his current position.
You can choose to improve the specialization attributes, which won't impact the OVR. Moreover, you can boost the attacking and defensive work rate. Managers can direct the XP towards skill moves and weak foot ratings. How fast a player develops depends on a series of factors. This is similar to the real-life process.
Depending on a player's age, time on the field, form, potential, and abilities, he will develop faster or slower. Young players with great potential develop faster as long as they take part in games. If they stay on the side for too long, they will take longer to improve. This is one of the many features players can expect from FUT 21 Career mode.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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