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FUT 21 - What Is Agile Dribbling

time 2020-09-22 00:00

The release date of FUT 21 is rapidly closing in on us. There are just a few weeks left. This year's SPORTS FUT installation comes with many gameplay updates. If you are one of the competitive players who like to jump into multiplayer as soon as possible, you should learn more about the gameplay before the game releases. Nothing beats practice, but it doesn't hurt to be up to date with the new game mechanics. One of them is agile dribbling. This new feature gives players a new way to maintain control over the ball.
SPORTS FUT is a franchise that is based on the world of real football. The developers use motion capture and updated stats pulled from recent events to recreate the players in the game. This new feature is based on real dribbling techniques from some of the best dribblers. The goal of this mechanic is to allow players to rapidly move the ball from one side to another. This will create more opportunities for dribblers to pass the defenders. You will use quick footwork that will give you the chance to create space. This new feature is also great for tricking defenders into doing tackles.
The developers want to make dribbling match up with jockey feature. They have wanted to make dribbling more agile and fluid just like it is on the real football field. Only the players can tell if they've have achieved their goal. Here is the control scheme for the agile dribbling move. You need to move the left stick and hold the R1 or RB button at the same time. Do this and your controlled player will move the ball with accurate and fast moves. All footballers are capable of doing this move.
Agile dribbling depends on the following stats: agility, ball control, dribbling, and reactions. Players who have high values for these attributes will be better at dribbling than others. Contextual agile dribbling is an optional mechanic. The game comes with this feature enabled. You can disable it if you don't want to use it. Go to the controller settings screen and put this option on off. This mechanic triggers the agile dribbling in certain situations. One of these situations is when your player is facing an opponent one on one. You should give it a try before disabling it. Maybe you will like it.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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