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Are You Having Fun With FUT 21 Co-Op?

time 2020-10-20 00:00

FUT 21 comes with more ways to play. One of the new systems that bring players together is called FUT Co-Op. This feature allows you to team up with a buddy for game modes such as friendlies, squad battles, and division rivals.
One player must set the lobby. That player is the captain who selects the game mode and the teams. For your first games, it's advised to use the FUT trainer. This option will display the inputs for both players in real-time. You will know what your teammate is doing without having to communicate using a voice option.
Co-op friendlies allow players to join a team using the matchmaking system. You can find players for all friendlies modes such as max chemistry, classic, survival, and more. The rules and the rewards are the same as when you are playing alone. You can use this feature to test new team setups in a casual game.
Take note that lives FUT friendlies, couch play, and play friend modes do no support co-op. FUT 21 squad battles mode has a feature called scored match. This is the number of matches that count for a player's weekly score. This year, we have something similar for division rivals. 
The co-op option for squad battles and division rivals will use one of their scored matches. The score will be calculated depending on the result of the game. Each match will be important for the number of scored games. You and your partner need to make a good team if you want to raise your weekly score. 
In case a player doesn't have more games for their weekly score, none of the players will keep getting the weekly score. Before the game, a notification will announce if you or your buddy are out of games. You will still get FUT 21 coins and skill ratings. You can also make progress for objectives, and obtain qualification points for the weekend league. 
The division rivals matchmaking system takes into consideration the highest skill rating of the two players. Lower-ranked players who win in higher-ranked games with their friends will have the same progression as when playing with players of the same rank. 
If you don't want to play against co-op teams in this mode, you can just toggle off this option. You can choose to play against solo and co-op players, or just against solo players. If you need some help with team building, then you can rely on U7BUY. The FUT 21 coins and players are specially prepared for you.

(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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