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Best players for less than 50K coins in each position

time 2020-11-11 00:00

Knowing how to spend your coins well is the key to success in FUT since this will depend on whether you can build a great team that has very good players in each of their positions and has enough variants that allow you to win any match, for more complicated than it can be.
Of course, the best players in the world are also the most expensive in the transfer market, so buying them all is practically impossible unless you decide to buy FUT 21 Coins online and collect all the necessary coins using your real money.
However, many very good quality players are perhaps not as famous as the best in the world but who are very good at fulfilling their role on the field, even though they may not receive the necessary recognition by the users.
Therefore, here we will leave you a list of the best players for less than 50K coins for each position of the team so that you can structure a very complete squad that does not have weaknesses in any of their positions.
Without further ado, here is the list:
Best goalkeepers for less than 50K Coins.
Marc-André Ter Stegen
The FC Barcelona goalkeeper costs around 35,000 coins and is one of the best in the game, with 90 OVR and excellent attributes to protect your team's goal.
Jan Oblak
Oblak is probably the best goalkeeper in the game. With his 91 OVR, he forces rival forwards to do the impossible to score a goal. You can buy Oblak for approximately 40,000 coins.
Best defendersfor less than 50K Coins.
Nelson Semedo
The Wolverhampton Wanderers right-back is one of the fastest defenders in FUT with his 93 pace points. You can buy him for 25,000 coins
Diego Carlos
Only 15,000 coins are enough to buy Diego Carlos, a defender with a physique of 83 points and 82 defense points, ideal to start building your team.
David Alaba.
Alaba is a very good central defender who has very balanced attributes. You can buy him for 14,000 coins.
Alphonso Davies
Davies is the fastest winger in football today. His 96 pace points make him a real threat when attacking. It only costs 24,000 coins
Best midfielders under 50K Coins.
Federico Valverde
The Real Madrid midfielder does everything well on the pitch and costs only 35,000 coins. His 86 pace points and 83 dribbling points make him a very complete player.
Liverpool's defensive midfielder only costs 20,000 coins and is a great fit for the position. His 87 OVR demonstrates his great ability to defend and manage the offensive game.
Lucas Moura
Lucas Moura has 92 pace points and only with that is he capable of destroying any rival defense. He only costs 50,000 coins.
The speedy Newcastle United player is the perfect complement to Lucas Moura for his qualities. You can get him for 25,000 coins.
Best forwards under 50K Coins.
The Everton Brazilian is one of the most complete forwards in FUT 21. His 83 pace points and 81 dribbling points make him a bargain for 1,500 coins.
Ciro Immobile
The Lazio striker has 88 shooting points and 84 paces, ideal for finishing all the plays your team creates. You can get it for 18,000 coins in the transfer market.

(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Chong Fang)

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