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A 14-year-old player has 300 wins in a row in FUT Champions

time 2020-12-25 00:00

The universe of FUT players is very wide and extends to practically every country in the world with people of all ages participating in the fun matches of this very popular FUT 21 game mode.
The lack of age restriction is one of the controversies that FUT and its packs drag since in many countries some people consider that they are bets or gambling to which children and adolescents have to reach and the authorities do not do anything to prevent it.
However, today we will not talk about that. Today we will tell you the story of Anders Vejrgang, a 14-year-old Danish player who has achieved an incredible record: 300 consecutive victories in FUT Champions.
The young player has not lost a game in the last 10 weeks that he has played FUT, an unprecedented event that no player had previously achieved on a competitive level.

Vejrgang already plays to the RBLZ team of Leipzig of the Bundesliga
The Danish, at only 14 years old, is already one of the players of the professional eSports team of the Red Bull Leipzig of the German Bundesliga and has become a great exponent for this team in recent days.
Player statistics indicate that he scores on average 7 or 8 goals per game, a very high number when you consider the difficulty of FUT Champions matches.
However, the player also has a high average of four goals conceded per game, so he depends exclusively on deploying the great offensive power of his team to achieve victory.
Vejrgang has Johan Cruyff and Paolo Maldini as key pieces of his team.
One of the curious aspects of Vejrgang is that he has two players on his team that he could not see in action due to his young age: Johan Cruyff and Paolo Maldini.
One of them is essential to build the offensive plays of the team and the other to build that defensive solidity that allows him to have more goals than the rival.
Of course, he opted for a much more contemporary player for the forward: Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese are so good that many players decide to buy FUT Coins online to add him to their teams. His goals were essential for the danish to achieve his 300 wins in a row.
The goalkeeper is also still active and is an FC Barcelona figure: Marc-André TerStegen. The German goalkeeper gives an enormous facility to get the ball from behind and has excellent reflexes capable of stopping even the most impossible shots.
Anders currently holds the record for the most wins in a row in FUT Champions, but we have to see how long he lasts, as more and more underage players are surprising in the competitive scene of FUT 21.

(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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